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SEO Consultant: Transform Your Business

If you need someone with demonstrated expertise who has earned industry trust as a reliable SEO consultant, look no further.
I am highly skilled and knowledgeable in my field, providing strategic and technical advice to meet your SEO needs. With surgeon-level precision, I can identify issues quickly and provide solutions that will make a real difference to your revenue.

I use various AI, Data and SEO tools during analysis so that billions of data points can be compiled into actionable insights

On the cutting Edge of Artificial Intelligence

AI can help you optimize your website and content to reach the top of search engine rankings, giving you an edge over competitors. AI-driven SEO tools can analyze data quickly and accurately, helping marketers make informed decisions about their strategies. With AI-powered solutions, businesses can identify keywords that will drive more traffic to their websites as well as uncover new opportunities for growth in organic search results.

Additionally, these services provide insights into user behavior so that companies know what kind of content resonates with customers best and how they should adjust their approach accordingly. By leveraging AI technology companies are able to save time while still achieving better SEO results than manual methods of optimization.

AI powered Competitor Analysis For the added Edge 

I use advanced AI tools to dig deep to find out what competitors doing right (or wrong) while optimizing their websites for search engines. This helps uncover opportunities to rank above them using reverse engineering techniques. All these findings are presented in the form of actionable tasks in a report designed to help grow your online business.

Enterprise Organic SEO Consulting

I have over 10 years of experience developing enterprise-level strategies which incorporate best practices from the industry as well as my own advanced methodology. I am available for any questions you may have or knowledge transfer regarding my methods – giving you peace of mind when it comes to executing an effective search marketing campaign. With me on board, you’ll be able to dominate the rankings in no time.

I understand that your business is unique. That’s I start by conducting a thorough analysis of your website and the competition within your industry to develop a customized strategy to meet your goals. We will provide ongoing support, guidance, and consultation for all implementations so you can rest assured knowing that everything is being done correctly in order to achieve maximum results.

eCommerce SEO – Expert SEO Consulting Services

I am the go-to expert when it comes to optimizing eCommerce websites, with 12+ years of experience, in-depth knowledge and insight into the industry.
eCommerce websites have unique challenges; from optimizing thousands of products or indexing over 1 Million pages – I know what works best. Technical SEO is a must for Ecommerce sites as is on-site optimization & link building.

My eCommerce SEO consulting services provide you with a strategy that your internal digital marketing team can use to reach their goals. I work closely with developers, content writers, designers and more to ensure every action taken is beneficial for your business.

Website Redesign – Value Of SEO Consulting Services

When it comes to website redesigns, having an SEO marketing consultant is absolutely essential. Every single line of code and piece of content has the potential to affect your position in SERPs – which is why each decision needs careful consideration from someone with a deep understanding of Search principles.
Redesigning your website without an SEO expert can have disastrous consequences for your visibility online. Over the years I have helped numerous websites for both redesign and migration.

I can review site structure, optimise organic content, provide foundational on-page optimization, give feedback regarding visual designs, make conversion recommendations, and identify all necessary redirects needed in order to maintain user experience, rankings, etc. Bringing an expert SEO consultant onboard during any website redesign project helps prevent costly mistakes that could potentially set progress back, resulting in lost traffic and rankings.

Roadmap To Successful Search Engine Optimization

1.Customized Strategy & Packages

We understand that every website is unique, so we create custom plans tailored to your goals and current standings. With our comprehensive services, you can gain a better understanding of where you stand in search results and how to get ahead.

2.Detailed SEO Technical Audit for Maximum Results

I take an in-depth look at your site’s optimization opportunities – from on-page optimizations like title tags and meta descriptions, Schema markup ,off-site optimizations such as backlinks, content strategy review etc. Me and my team of experts will come up with a plan that outlines what needs improvement for maximum success.

3.SEO strategy

Once an audit is complete; we’ll outline a roadmap, taking into account both short term goals as well as long term ones depending upon what would have most impact. We consider all factors including current keyword ranking, goals etc while creating this roadmap towards successful optimization.

4.Keyword Research For Targeted Traffic

Search engine optimisation consultants conduct extensive keyword research based on past experience working with businesses similar industries or related sites layouts. This allows us to provide actionable items backed by data.

5.SEO Implementation – Guidance & Support

I have worked across various platforms like wordpress, Magento, Shopify, Drupal, Joomla etc.; thus I am able offer guidance not only during development process but also post launch activities such as reviewing changes made, offering technical workaround etc.. I guide the web dev teams regarding technicalities involved in implementing the SEO changes. The goal is to empower teams with best practices whenever adding anything new on their sites.

6.Comprehensive Backlink Analysis

We use a range of Ai and SEO tools to assess your backlink profile and determine whether it is helping or hindering your rankings. I will then devise a plan for improving, fixing and building upon the existing links in order to optimise search engine performance. I also offer ongoing monitoring services, ensuring that your backlinks remain up-to-date with Google’s ever-changing algorithm.

7.High Quality Link Building Strategies

Once we have audited incoming links and analysed your backlink profile, our team will research unique link building opportunities tailored specifically for your business needs. Instead of focusing on quantity in link building campaigns, our SEO campaigns take into account industry trends and the services offered to create an effective strategy that works best for you.

8.Monthly Reports

Successful campaigns involves detailed reporting each month so clients understand how data plays into overall results achieved thus far (and what still needs doing). You’ll receive monthly reports outlining key performance organic SEO metrics alongside details regarding what has been accomplished by us so far plus plans going forward. Transparency is paramount at all times throughout this process – we want clients understanding exactly where they stand at any given time plus what actions are being taken moving forwards too. Upon receiving reports each month there’ll be meetings held between yourself and me to review the report contents before discussing future plans.

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How Much Does an SEO Consultant Cost?

The cost of hiring an organic SEO consultant can vary greatly depending on the industry, long-term objectives and complexity of your needs. The monthly retainer can range from $800-$3000

Do you offer custom SEO packages?

Yes I offer customised SEO packages. I charge anywhere between $100-$150/hour for my time and knowledge.

What Benefits Can I Expect From Hiring A SEO Consultant?

There are several benefits of an organic SEO consultant– 

Boost Your Rankings

I offer comprehensive organic search services that can help your business identify which keywords offer the most value and should be prioritized. We also provide guidance on how to improve your overall SEO strategy by increasing site speed, making your website responsive, and more. Even if you already follow best practices, our consultants can provide a fresh perspective and new ideas for improvement. With the competition for clicks growing more intense, it’s essential to earn a spot at the top. In fact, 75% of all clicks go to the first three search results. If you’re not ranking high enough, an organic Google search strategy can help you get there.

Grow Your Traffic

Increasing organic traffic is essential if you want to achieve higher-impact goals like earning leads or sales from store visits or phone calls. Our experienced SEO consultants can help you find ways to reach that coveted position through backlink outreach or targeting less competitive keywords with similar value potentials. If your current efforts aren’t yielding enough organic visitors, we have solutions that will get them coming in droves!

Generate More Qualified Leads

SEO isn’t just about driving more visitors – it’s also about attracting leads who are actually interested in what your business has to offer. By targeting keywords with specific intent behind them (e.g., “buy now” vs “learn more”), I can connect you directly with qualified prospects who are ready and willing to purchase from you right away. Even if your current rankings are low or nonexistent – we have strategies that will bring those leads flooding in quickly!

Increase Your Sales & Revenue

I understand how important sales & revenue growth is when it comes to optimizing websites for search engines – which is why our team works hard every day towards helping business owners achieve their goals through strategic optimization techniques tailored.
Whether its uncovering why existing efforts aren’t producing desired results or providing data-backed recommendations based on AI technology analysis – our team has got what it takes make sure those sales numbers keep climbing steadily upwards over time!

Why Choose Me as Your SEO Consultant?

Companies select me for for a variety of reasons, from the expertise of our team to the client-focused approach we take with our services. When you use my organic SEO consultant services, you partner with an agency that values and invests in your success. Here are some advantages I offer:
15 Years of Experience
With more than 15 years in the industry, I am a trusted choice when it comes to search engine optimization. My decades-long experience demonstrates my ability to deliver results year after year. As your consultant, I will leverage this knowledge and help take your international or local SEO strategy up a notch.

I work on SEO consulting services based on data rather than hunches or guesses which gives an edge other consultants cannot match. Leveraging the power of AI give me access to valuable insight I need for higher rankings & organic traffic.

How long do Projects take?

SEO campaigns typically range from three to six months in duration; however, this may vary depending on the size of the campaign or if there is another short-term opportunity that needs addressing immediately afterwards. On the other hand, longer term opportunities such as launching an entirely new website require more effort over many months or even years before goals can be achieved successfully due to having no rankings or traffic yet established within its marketplace niche.


What Does A search engine optimisation Consultant Do?

A search engine expert works with your team to provide tailored strategies and ideas to help you reach the top of the search engine rankings. They can also assist in implementing any necessary technical SEO work. An experienced consultant will collaborate with your internal staff to develop a plan that will increase your visibility on the web, driving more organic traffic and conversions. With an effective SEO specialist on board, you should see a significant return on investment compared to other online advertising channels.

What are the benifits of Expert SEO Consulting Services?

Organic search engine optimisation consultants are experts in their field and can help small businesses, start-ups, brands and enterprises alike. Every project is unique; no two campaigns are ever the same. The scope will depend on what growth opportunities or issues need addressing on your website.

Time is money and it’s essential that you get it right when investing in organic search engine optimization – this is where an experienced SEO consultant comes into play. They’ll be able to identify areas for improvement quickly and accurately while helping your small business grow exponentially over time – something that simply cannot be achieved without professional help.

SEO consultants help marketers stay on top of trends by providing real-time analytics so they know when changes need to be made, allowing them to pivot quickly without sacrificing performance. All this makes AI & SEO services invaluable assets for any business looking to maximize its online presence through organic search engine optimization efforts.