SEO Audit

Are your SEO efforts giving you the desired returns? Would you like to know if you are getting your dollars’ worth with your in-house SEO expert or your digital agency?

Search engine optimization is hard enough with all its technicalities, misinformation and Google’s black box approach. On top of that, Google keeps updating their algorithms and things change every second day. As such, it is difficult to assess if your digital team/agency is implementing SEO strategies correctly. This is where 3rd party independent SEO auditing comes in. An independent SEO audit reviews your strategies and measures your current implementations. It is an impartial and objective assessment of your SEO efforts. With an independent technical SEO audit, I can help you understand where your organic traffic and rankings are heading.

The prime focus of the audit is to answer- Is the money I am spending every month on my search engine optimization strategies helping me or harming me? I will show you a SEO mirror and point out the good, the bad and the ugly in your campaigns and help you get better value for your money.

Many businesses and organizations have been burned in the past due to inept search engine optimization advice and have lost time and dollars before realizing that their efforts are harming them. Even if you are getting results from your SEO, there might be a number of technical issues implemented wrongly, which if corrected, can give a huge boost to your organic rankings and traffic. 

Why independent SEO Audit and Analysis?

Most agencies who approach you for SEO also want to sign you up for SEO services. It is in their best interest to find errors and spin technical jargons to show how they are better than the previous providers.  The problem is that the agencies are trying to convince you so that they can onboard you.  Their audits and advice is not independent, there is always a hidden agenda to it. Similarly with inhouse search engine optimization, you are still in the dark, as it is difficult to measure what opportunities you are missing and what technical aspects are implemented incorrectly.  

Since I have no intentions of onboarding you on a monthly retainer or sell any further SEO services, you can be assured that my SEO Audits will be free from any biases and influences

What you get

  • A high level snapshot of what your current SEO is like, should you hire someone else or keep working with the ones you have.
  • Deep technical audit with a comprehensive checklist, covering all aspects of your on page SEO.
  • A comprehensive SEO Audit report
  • Industry backed recommendations on how to resolve issues discovered in the Audit.
  • Educating your in house SEO team on the best practices and giving them recommendations to fix issues.
  • A full report on your backlinks(optional addon)
  • One month support for all SEO queries you might have regarding the implementation of recommendations.


I believe in manual SEO auditing, which in essence is trawling through millions of webpages and site logs to understand how your website is structured. I do not trust automated tools for SEO audits. Some automated scan tools can give you few insights, but at the end they miss out way too much.  I generally start with a site crawl, which gives me a good understanding of how the SEO is implemented and what tags and issues it has. I also love checking site log to see what is actually happening under the hood. When site crawl and site logs are combined with search console data, analytics data, and some trusted SEO tools, they can give you powerful insights into granular search engine optimization issues.


The major challenge in search engine optimization, besides the technical aspects, is that it has a lot of moving target. Besides the Algorithm changes, there are always new surprise announcements from Google. Add to this fresh insights gleaned by experts who run huge data sets to understand how Google ranks a website. As Google gets smarter, it penalizes and devalues more and more sites not following its terms and conditions. Even for SEO experts, all this information can get overwhelming at times.

Implementing SEO recommendations has its own challenges, with enterprise level websites needing huge resources to even execute minor changes, platform inflexibilities, UX considerations, code issues etc. All of the these have to be taken into account before implementing any recommendations. 

Navigating these challenges requires exceptional search engine optimization expertise, with years of experience in the digital landscape. A thorough understand of Google patents and algorithms is essential.